3 RV Meal Tips to Save Time, Money, and Space

Are you getting ready to head out for your spring camping trips? Here are a few RV meal tips to help you plan your food budget, meals, and space saving so that you can eat well and affordably while camping in your new or used RV.

Pick Similar Ingredients

One way you can save a handful of cash on your meals is to pick several meals that share common ingredients – and prep what you can in advance. For instance, four pounds of chicken breast generally cost less than purchasing four one-pound packages. The same goes for kinds of ingredients that you can buy in varying quantities.

RV Meal Tips

Prep What you Can In Advance

Once you’ve decided on which meals you’ll be making, divvy everything up in advance. Combine the ingredients you can in food storage bags. You may think that this trick is just for soups and stews, but think again! Combine meats with their marinades and sauces in advance, then lay flat to freeze. You’ll have the benefit of having your meat ready to slap on the grill once it’s thawed.

RV Meal Tips

Adjust Your Cooking Tools Seasonally

Save space and traveling weight by reevaluating which tools you actually need to bring with you! Our family uses a slow cooker 4-5 nights a week during cool weather months, but the moment spring and summer are here, we switch for grilling outside. Remove cumbersome or large items like a slow cooker or large pots and leave those at home. Switch them out for a couple of frying/saute pans and a portable grill (or plan to use the outdoor cooktop on your new or used RV).

RV Meal Tips

Not only will you save some space in your RV’s kitchen, but taking only what you need will cut down on the weight you’re hauling…which will in turn help out your fuel economy.

These 3 easy RV meal tips can help you save money on your food expenses, save space in the kitchen, and save time when it comes to meal prep. Contact us today if we can help you save even more on your purchase of a new or used RV with our competitive RV financing options!

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