Don’t Cancel Your Vacation. Go RVing Instead! Shop Our RV Fever!

We totally understand that making travel plans can feel uncertain or scary right now, and you might be reconsidering your vacation plans if they happen to take you through airports, hotels, cruise ships, and more. But you don’t need to cancel your plans entirely. Just consider modifying them! What you need is a fever. No, not the flu or coronavirus…you need an RV fever! Travel with the peace of mind in a brand new RV and eliminate your concerns about transmitting viruses since it’s just you and your family in your own space.

RV Fever

Brand New RVs as Low as $100/Month

We sell RVs all the time – not just in times of global health concerns. We want to help you make the most of a frustrating situation. This doesn’t need to be the year of cancelled vacations. You can still take awesome vacations with your family this year, and perhaps even more affordably if airfare and cruise tickets aren’t your major expense.

Shop from our new RVs for sale and learn more about our RV financing options. How great would an RV financed as low as $100 a month be? Suddenly, not only do you have a safe and healthy vacation, but a super affordable one, too!

Fun, Safe, and Sanitary

One great guideline when it comes to having good, clean fun is really, “Is it good and clean?” As a parent, I frequently give my own kids the “fun, safe, and sanitary” parameters. That’s how your vacation should be, too. Let’s face it. We all have our own germs already. There’s really no need to travel with anyone else’s! A new RV for your family allows you to take a vacation in a fresh and clean container that hasn’t been traipsed over with the bacteria and viruses of former or current travelers sharing your space.

Keep Calm and Shop for an RV

Start shopping from our new RVs for sale here, and narrow your search by the type of RV you’re looking for:

Pro tip: browse all of the photos, specifications, and features beforehand. Each of our RV listings comes loaded with features and details about that particular unit. Use our search tool to narrow your specifications even further, like shopping for RVs with bunkhouses, outdoor kitchens, a bath and a half, or more. You can also shop by family size. All of these tools can help you narrow your list of RVs you might be interested in from the comfort and safety of your own home. Once you have your list, come see us. Contact us to schedule a time to take a look at our new RVs for sale in person. We’d love to help you enjoy fantastic vacations this year that are fun, safe, and healthy!

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