Say No to the RV Show and Save More During Our RV Savings Event Instead!

Just say no to RV shows, but say yes to saving thousands on a brand new RV during our RV Savings Event through January 20th!

RV Savings Event

Why No Show?

Let’s get down to the brass tacks. RV shows are expensive to put on. To cover the overhead, dealerships simply aren’t able to give you the best price or offer on the new RV you’re eyeing. The greater discount you’re given at an RV show cuts into dealership profits, so honestly, the discounts you’ll be offered really might not be that great.

As a result, between higher prices and only being able to see a select number of inventory means you have fewer options – and a higher price tag. We’re not interested in that.

Our RV Savings Event is the Solution

Our RV Savings Event allows you to shop from a much bigger inventory of new RVs for sale and at more significantly reduced prices.  Because our own costs are lowered by not having an RV show, we have more wiggle room to pass along those same huge savings to you!

Shop from some of these options:

Financing Specials

During our RV Savings Event, we’re ready to offer you some of the best financing options available! With approved financing, you can get a rate as low as 4.99% and with zero down! Finally, add 90 days of no payments to it, and you’ve got a financing package that makes buying a new RV more affordable than ever!


Ready to pocket the savings? Enjoy the lowest prices we can offer by just saying “no” to the RV show and shopping during our RV Savings Event instead! Our RV Savings Event only goes through January 20th, so take advantage of these savings today and contact us if you have any questions!


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