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Wilkins RV Mission, Vision, Value


With a passion formed by our proud heritage spanning three generations in the community, your Wilkins RV Team offers endless opportunities for families to build enduring memories by providing exceptional experiences.


Setting standards is the way of doing business at Wilkins RV. We enjoy the respect of customers, our families and the industry because we strive for success and continued growth. We are a market-focused, process-driven organization. Superior customer satisfaction, team effort and dedicated leadership form a solid foundation for lifelong relationships.


COMMUNICATION – We will provide accurate and timely communication with our customers, each other and our industry partners. • We will provide accurate and timely communication with each other to ensure that we have all the tools and information necessary to serve our customers. • We will strive to be a leader in our industry by meeting our customer’s expectations and communicating with them in an accurate and timely manner.

  • We will provide good communication to our industry partners in order to build strong industry relationships. COMMITMENT – We will be committed to each other as stakeholders within our organization.
  • We will keep our word and do what we say we are going to do.
  • We will come to work to work, and give our best every day.
  • We will strive every day to fulfill our mission of providing customers with exceptional experiences.
  • We will not deviate from what we know to be the right course for our customers, ourselves and the organization. RESPECT – We will show respect by listening to all concerns and opinions with empathy.
  • We will treat all as we would expect to be treated ourselves.
  • We will treat everyone with kindness and fairness.
  • We will be truthful in all our interactions. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – We will constantly strive to get better at everything we do.
  • We will take our mistakes seriously, by reviewing and learning from them so that we do not repeat them.
  • We will be innovative, always striving to find a better way to serve our customers.
  • We will train our employees with a focus towards product knowledge, industry best practices and customer satisfaction.
  • We will work with our industry partners to raise the bar in customer satisfaction. ENVIRONMENT – We will promote an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm within our organization.
  • We will always strive to be the type of business that people want to do business with by employing those who maintain a positive, encouraging attitude.
  • We will work together for the good of our customers and our organization, knowing we can achieve more as a team than we can as individuals.
  • We will provide a safe, clean and professional work environment. SERVICE EXCELLENCE – We will make exceeding our customer expectations our #1 goal.
  • We will do this by understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • We will provide service excellence to our co-workers, understanding that it is essential to us being able to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • We will live by the adage of under-promising and over-delivering.
  • We will commit every day to fulfilling our Mission of offering endless opportunities for families to build enduring memories.