4 RV Tips for Saving Money on Fuel

One way you can enjoy better vacations in your new and used RV is to save money at the pump! After all, fuel is expensive, and you don’t want to miss out on fantastic vacations because the fuel expense itself breaks the bank. Here are some RV tips to save money on fuel so you can make the most of your road trips!

RV Tips

Schedule RV Service

Believe it or not, routine maintenance can drastically improve your gas mileage. If your RV has been in storage for awhile, or if you’re past due for some routine service, any of the following is more likely to happen:

  • Clogged and dirty air filters
  • Batteries losing charge
  • Tires losing air pressure

These things can cause your engine to overcompensate and work harder than it needs to – which, in turn, uses more fuel that is really necessary. Save yourself the money and the hassle. A quick RV service appointment can check for all of these issues and more – and make sure your RV is in road-ready condition.

Shed the Water Weight

Here’s the reality: packing too much decreases your fuel efficiency. So, don’t do it! There are several ways you can lighten the load you’re towing and decrease the weight of what you’re packing along. One of the biggest ways you can eliminate excess weight is to travel with only the amount of fresh water you need to get to where you’re going. Then you can refill upon arrival. Just remember that water is heavy and if you are traveling with full tanks, you’ll be paying more at the pump.

Steady, Even, and Pressured

Keep these three things in mind:

  • Keep your speed relatively steady and avoid rapid acceleration and speeding. These things lower your fuel efficiency. Use overdrive and cruise control to help maintain a steady speed.
  • Distribute the weight evenly when you pack. Uneven weight distribution is harder on your engine.
  • Keep your tire pressure up and check it often – especially if you go through different regions and climates with steep changes in temperature or elevation. These factors can impact your tire pressure negatively.

Shorter Distance, Longer Stays

One of the best ways to save big bucks on fuel is to simply not travel as far in distance. Instead, you can trade out those days you would have spent driving (and refilling at the pump) for extra days spent camping in a destination that’s a little closer to home.

We can help you travel smart and save money while doing so in your new or used RV. And the first step is to schedule that RV service, so contact us today!

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