Top 3 BBQ Restaurants Near Clay, NY

barbecue cooking on a grill

Once you hit the road in your new RV, there’s no telling where you’ll go. Hopefully, along your route, you’ll stop at some delicious restaurants that serve your favorite cuisine. If you happen to be planning your road trip around the best barbecue along the way, we have some must-try barbecue restaurants you can’t miss when you’re passing through Clay, New York. These smokehouses will have you planning your next adventure around their menus to create new memories you’ll never forget.

How to De-Winterize Your RV

An RV halfway parked into a garage

As the weather warms, that exciting feel of hitting the road in your RV builds. You plan out your trip, gather supplies, and pack your gear. Then, it’s time to get your RV out of storage and ready for the road. However, RVs require unique maintenance, especially if you store them for the winter. You want to ensure your home away from home remains comfortable, efficient, and safe. Assuming you winterize your RV in the fall, you must de-winterize it in the spring. To help, we had our maintenance experts put together a guide to prepare your RV for use.

Best Hiking Spots in Bath, NY

River at the Finger Lakes Trail in Bath, NY

RVing provides the opportunity to make memories with family and friends. In addition, outdoor enthusiasts love how an RV gets them closer to nature. You can spend a weekend or all year camped by your favorite fishing hole or finding new places to explore when you own an RV. Here, we look at our favorite hiking spots in Bath, New York, to help you explore your world.

Wilkins RV at CNY RV and Camping Show

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Tips and Tricks for New RVers

Are you new to the world of RV camping? You’re about to find that camping in an RV can be a wonderful, relaxing experience. But like anything, you need time to learn the ropes and prepare for unexpected situations. Discover … Continued

Spring Camping Recipe: Roasted Sausage & Potatoes

Spring Camping Recipe

This is one of my family’s favorite spring camping recipes. It assembles quickly and easily, and clean up is a breeze. Plus, the leftovers (IF you have any!) make a delicious breakfast the next morning. Roasted Sausage & Potatoes Ingredients: … Continued