Pros of RVs for Road Trip Fitness

Wilkins RV Road Trip Health

Road Warriors: Staying Fit On The Long Highway The road-warrior lifestyle demands a variety of changes from the day-to-day grind we all know and sometimes love. Entrepreneurs who have to bounce out of the office for meetings and digital nomads … Continued

5 Fun Tips For RV Travel During The Holidays

Christmas in an RV Wilkins RV

Celebrating the holidays in your RV is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the season. Here are some tips to help make your RV travel during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year easy. Fun Holiday Destinations Go South- Get out … Continued

Thanksgiving In Your RV: Make This Holiday Special

Heartland Elkridge Fifth Wheel Kitchen

RV camping is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. What better way to use time off than traveling to fun new places this Thanksgiving break. However, there are some special considerations that need to be taken when … Continued

Get Escapes in Upstate NY

Boldt Castle

When people think of New York, they offer envision towering skyscrapers, hordes of people and expensive shops. Most don’t realize that New York offers a wide variety of outdoor activities not just in New York City, but also in up, … Continued

How to Get the Perfect Photo

If there’s one thing RVers have in common it’s a love of the great outdoors and a desire to capture this on camera. Not everyone is a natural photographer and developing an “eye” takes time and practice. Of course not … Continued

Outdoor Games For Kids

Anyone who has traveled with kids knows, that despite our best efforts, at some point those dreaded words will be said….I’m bored. Sure, you can log into Netflix, or you can beat the boredom blues with some of these outdoor games. Frozen … Continued

4 Reasons to Buy a Toy Hauler

View Available Toy Haulers Now If you’re just starting your search for a new or used RV, chances are you’ve begun to explore the various options out there. From motorhomes to travel trailers to fifth wheels, there’s something out there … Continued