May RV Service Specials at Wilkins


Taking care of your RV is a lot of work. And, while you can learn to do things like winterization and de-winterization yourself, some things are left best to the pros. At Wilkins we are committed to making sure you have only the best RV service. Check out this list of RV service specials in New York and get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today. These coupons expire on June 9, so act now.

Basic Gas Motorhome Chassis Maintenance

This package includes changing your oil and filter, rotating tires and performing a multi-point inspection. For just $199 you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing our experienced team is taking care of you.

Basic Diesel Motorhome Chassis Maintenance

Diesel motorhomes require a little more specialized maintenance. With this package we’ll replace the main transmission filter, the engine cooling fan gear box fluid, and check inspect and lubricate various chassis components. $299.99

De-Winterization Basic Package

Looking to hit the road, but don’t have the time to de-winterize your RV? For just $59.99 our team will drain and flush all antifreeze, connect your valves for water flow and inspect your RV for leaks.

De-Winterization Deluxe Package

Looking for a little more than the basics? This package is $125.99 and also includes sanitization of your system, the addition of chemicals and RV-safe toilet paper.

Generators Basic Package

If you rely heavily on your generator, then this $79.99 package is something that you will need. We’ll drain the old oil, refill it with fresh, new oil and install a new oil filter.

RV Pressure Test SEALTECH

Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Protect your RV from this costly damage using the unique SEALTECH technology. Our state-of-the-art SEALTECH machine will pressurize your RV and allow us to find areas of possible water penetration. The $99.00 is worth the understanding of what your risk for water damage is.

Wheel Bearings Repacking

  • Single Axel- $139.99
  • Double Axel – $229.99
  • Triple Axel – $339.99

Towable RV Springs Maintenance Bonus Package


Basic De-winterization

  • Drain/flush all antifreeze
  • Connect all valves for water flow
  • Inspect RV for water leaks

Wheel Bearings

  • Double Axle Repack
  • RV Pressure Test SEALTECH

Motorized RV Springs Maintenance Bonus Package


  • This Bonus Package includes the following:
  • Basic gas motorhome maintenace
  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Rotate tires
  • Perform multi point inspection
  • Basic de-winterization
  • Drain/flush all antifreeze
  • Connect all valves for water flow
  • Inspect RV for water leaks
  • Basic generator maintenance
  • Drain old oil
  • Refill with new oil
  • Install new oil filter if applicable
  • RV pressure test

We are here to support you before and after the sale. We offer free RV workshops and an experienced RV service team who can offer quality service at an affordable price. Contact us with any of your RV needs.

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