RV Tip: Use Your RV as a Guest House During the Holidays

Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? Your new or used RV can help you out during the holidays, even if you’re not doing any traveling! Read our tips below to use your RV as a guest house during the holidays. A little bit of forethought and planning can help save you money and stress and make your holidays more enjoyable and relaxing.

RV Holiday Guest House

Save Money

Torn between whose house to land at for the holidays? If you don’t want to travel but would prefer everyone come to you, offer to use your RV as a guest house. When you use your RV as a guest house during the holidays, you can save the expense of booking hotel rooms. The holidays are expensive enough, and letting your relatives or other guests know you have room in your RV can help alleviate that burden.


Save Stress

Let’s be honest. Family gatherings can be great…and also stressful. The stress tends to pile up when no one has their own separate space to retreat to by the end of the evening, or even in the middle of the day to rest and recharge. When you use your RV as a guest house during the holidays, you’re saving on stress by making sure that everyone has their own space.


Tips for Prepping Your RV

You don’t have to go all out, but a few little preparations in your RV can make it a lovely and fun retreat for your guests. Take care of the following must-do items:

  • Make sure to do an all-over sweep and vacuum, tidy, and wipe down surfaces.
  • Put down a fresh set of linens on the beds and include freshly laundered towels in the bathroom.
  • Leave extra disposable items such as toilet paper and paper towels so your guests don’t have to come knocking when they run out.
  • Leave a note on the kitchen counter directing them to the extra supplies.

For some holiday themed touches that help your guests feel at home, consider doing the following:

  • Leave a fun holiday themed throw blanket on the sofa
  • Set out a sweet or spicy holiday candle

RV Holiday Guest House

  • Arrange some traditional holiday classic books or movies
  • Put up a string or two of holiday lights or hang a few fun decorations in the windows

You can also leave the kitchen simply stocked with a few items so light meals or snacks are covered.

  • In the pantry: coffee, tea, and apple cider mix. Quick breakfast options like oatmeal, and snacks such as popcorn, granola bars, and cookies.

RV Holiday Guest House

  • On the counter: an electric kettle for the hot drinks, and a small fruit basket with seasonal citrus.
  • In the fridge: cream and milk.


If you use your RV as a guest house during the holidays, you’ll probably find that everyone’s stress level is significantly decreased. Save some money, save the stress, and enjoy the time you have with family. If you find that your new or used RV might need some service or maintenance before being used as a guest house, contact us today. We can help get it in guest-ready condition just in time for the holidays!

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