Wilkins RV makes finding the ultimate gift for your RV enthusiast or camping buddies easy. Choosing the right gift involves considering items that will enhance their camping experience, promote adventure, and make life on the road more enjoyable.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for RV Enthusiasts
  1. Portable Solar Panels:
    Keep gadgets charged while off-grid. Remote solar power systems are great renewable energy solutions for powering electronics in remote areas. They can be used for many applications. Cell phones, Wi-Fi hubs, Security Camera systems, and other lower power consuming electronics. And with the use of a power inverter these systems can be either DC or AC.

    In case of an emergency it is always good to have a backup plan. Don’t be left out in the dark, Check-out our Solar panels today.

  2. Premium Quality Camping Chairs:
    All chairs are not created equal. Few things are more enjoyable than lounging outside your RV, enjoying the great outdoors in a premium quality chair. Whether you’re on the hunt for a reclining lounger, or a super-comfy chair Wilkins RV has what you need.

  3. Collapsible Pop-Up Containers:
    Convenient for storing and easy to use, collapsible popup containers can serve a variety of different functions. From gazebos to dog play pens, transporting water to garbage bag holders, coolers to wash buckets, collapsible food storage containers, at Wilkins RV the list goes on and on.

  4. Portable Outdoor BBQ Grills:
    Get your grill on no matter where your adventure takes you. Lightweight and easy to move, they are designed for RV use and are perfect for outdoor cooking and grilling on the go.

  5. Houseware and Camping Accessories:
    Shop online and choose from over 400 quality items. Awning mats with LED lights, fleece blankets, retro RV cutting boards, chair and bike rack carriers, portable campfire pits. For areas with fire restrictions or as a safer option, insulated tumblers or mugs. Keep drinks hot or cold while on the road and folding tables just to name a few.

  6. National Park Pass:
    Access to various national parks for a year. The America the Beautiful Pass (also known as the Interagency Pass) series comprises annual or lifetime passes that grant the holder entrance to more than 2,000 federally protected areas including national parks, national monuments, and other protected areas managed by six federal agencies: the National Park Service.

  7. Wilkins RV Gift Cards:
    Not sure what to get that special camper? What better gift is there than a gift card? Help the ones that you love save on the great selection of RV camping and accessories that you will find here at Wilkins RV.

  8. Outdoor Games Set:
    LET’S HAVE FUN! How about a game of cornhole, or horse shoes. Has your family discovered the game of Kubb yet? It’s a cross between bowling, horseshoes, and corn hole, and just as easy to play. The general object of the game is to knock over the short wooden blocks called Kubbs, on the opposite end of the playing field. Last one standing becomes “King Kubb”. There are so many games to choose from.

  9. Subscription to an Outdoor Magazine or Streaming Service:
    Stay inspired with the latest outdoor content. There are many options to choose from.

Other ideas could include a Compact Outdoor Projector. Have movie nights under the stars. Multi-Tool or Swiss Army Knife. Handy for various tasks and repairs. High-Quality Binoculars. Perfect for bird watching and appreciating nature. Compact Telescope. Ideal for your favorite “stargazer”.

Remember, the best gifts are often tailored to the campers specific interests and needs. Wilkins RV has over 400 great gift ideas. Something for everyone. Whether it’s hiking, biking, cooking, or stargazing, these gifts cater to the diverse interests of outdoor enthusiast RVers. To see all of Wilkins RV Parts and Accessories offerings click here.

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