Tips for Saving Money On Your RV Vacation.

Saving money on your RV vacation involves planning, prioritizing, and making mindful choices. Planning is by far the most critical of these. From planning your travel route, and when necessary making overnight camping reservations, to what activities and attractions that you may want to experience along the way.

Tips For Saving Money on Your RV Vacation

Also meal planning. This is a big one. Eating out can be very expensive, and in many cases not very healthy. For me, my two children are both gluten and dairy intolerant. So that creates an added challenge for us when we are trying to find a place to eat.

Create an outline/planner for what your meals will be on a daily basis. This allows you to create a “well-thought-out” shopping list for when you go to the market. When meal planning, be sure to include some of your favorite road trip snacks and beverages. This will prevent you from pulling over to buy higher-priced gas station treats. Additionally, food prices will vary by location. Produce, meat, and dairy are almost always more expensive in remote areas and can be harder to find, so stock up before you go. AND PLAN! PLAN! AND PLAN!

Here are several ways to cut costs and make your RV trip more budget-friendly


When it comes to gas, there are two types I am referring to: the fuel to drive your RV and the propane. If your RV requires propane to power any appliances or hot water, know how much life you can get out of a tank and plan accordingly. Fuel prices can also fluctuate widely from month to month and state to state, so knowing the prices in your final destination as well as pit stops along the way is something to consider.


If you are using this app, chances are you’ve already saved hundreds, if not more. But if not, click this link to download it (it’s free). Full-time RVers swear by it for finding the cheapest place nearby to fill up. “Just input your destination and GasBuddy gives you a good idea of how much it costs at all the stations in that specific area,” explains Ann from the blog While We Were Wandering. “When you’re driving in an unknown area, it can be tempting to simply pull off and fill up at the first gas station you see. With GasBuddy, you can stop this practice and go straight to the gas station that will save you the most money.”


“They’re more expensive and they and don’t fill them as much as a refill center will fill your tank,” says Kelly Beasley, co-founder of Camp Addict. According to several RV blogs, you’ll only get 15 gallons if you exchange whereas if you refill you’ll get a full 20 gallons. Beasley, who has been full-timing it in her 24-foot travel trailer for nearly 5 years also adds that it’s best to avoid U-Haul refills. She’s found them to be more expensive than others. Also, while you’re refilling your tank, check your tire pressure. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can improve your gas mileage up to 3% by keeping your tires properly inflated.

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An RV is a home on wheels, which means you can limit the cost associated with restaurants by cooking your own food. One of the primary ways you can save money while RVing is by using your RV’s indoor or outdoor kitchen and avoiding eating out while on vacation. Many RVers buy their RVs for this very reason. We all know that the cost of eating out can add up very quickly–especially for families. Cooking inside or outside of your RV is a big part of the fun for many of us–and it could be for you too–and you can save a small fortune by doing so. However, if you do want to eat at a local restaurant, consider eating there for lunch instead of dinner—lunch menus still allow you to experience the cooking, without paying the premium pricing.


If you’re on the road driving all day you may be too tired to cook by the time you arrive at your destination? Try cooking while you drive. It is easy. Invest in a slow cooker or a multi-cooker, like the incredibly popular Instant Pot (starting at $99). Before you hit the road, put some ingredients together, set the timer and off you go. IMPORTANT! To avoid spills, get clips to secure the lid and if it fits, put your pot in the sink. Bon Appetit!

Stay tuned! These are just a few ways to save money when you hit the road. Next month we will share more ways to help you save on your next adventure. Remember, camping fun starts at Wilkins RV. See us today.

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