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Owning a RV is a wonderful experience that will create lifelong memories of camping with family and friends. From family bonding, to making new friends. From affordable getaways to summer-long road trips – the reasons to buy an RV are endless. RVing provides you the chance to see all the magnificent sites that America has to offer.

However, finding the right RV can sometimes become an overwhelming task. There are so many types to choose from: Motorized or Towable. Travel Trailers or Fifth Wheels, Motorhomes or Camper Vans. In addition you must decide which floorplan style will best suite your family’s needs. Do you need bunks, maybe an outdoor kitchen and shower? The choices are endless.

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Let Wilkins RV help you get the journey started. First, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our RV Sales Consultants. They know the RV lifestyle well and what Makes and Models will best suite your needs. You will be asked a few basic questions to help them identify which RV is going to be right for you. And with over 900 RVs to choose from, we are pretty sure that there is one for you.

Here are some key steps to help you find the right RV:


The first step is to set a realistic budget. Most buyers opt for monthly payments which would include only the cost of the RV, but not gas, insurance, potential maintenance, and campground fees.

Define Your Needs

Consider the type of RV that will best suit your lifestyle: motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, camper van, etc. Determine the size and floorplan that will accommodate your family and/or your travel companions. Research different types of RVs and their features. Working with a RV Sales Consultant will help in this process. Consider factors like sleeping capacity, kitchen amenities, bathroom facilities, and storage space.

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Towing Capacity

If you’re looking at towable RVs, make sure that your tow vehicle has the capacity to tow the RV safely. Understanding your vehicle’s tow rating capacity is critical to choosing the right RV for you and your family. This is also one of the biggest safety issues that most RVers face. To find out more visit our Tow Guides.

Test Drive or Walk-Through

If you are considering a motorhome, make sure that you schedule a test drive before you buy. If a towable RV is in your future, request a walkthrough to inspect the features and condition.
Check for quality construction, materials, and overall build. Pay attention to the roof, flooring, plumbing, slide-outs and electrical systems.

Ask about Resale Value

At some point in the future you will either trade your RV in for a newer model or sell it outright. Look into the resale value of the RV brand and model you are considering. Some brands and floorplans hold their value better than others.

Check Reviews

Read reviews from other RV owners to get insights into the pros and cons of specific models. Many Brands have owner groups where you can chat and ask questions online with current owners.

Financing and Insurance

Before you buy it is smart to get insurance quotes for the RV models you’re interested in to factor insurance costs into your budget. Also at Wilkins RV financing is quick and easy. There’s no need to wait days, weeks or even up to a month for equity loans. With our transactions taking a matter of minutes, we will have a decision for you within 48 hours

Warranty and Support

Understand the warranty coverage and after-sales support provided by the manufacturer or dealer.

Wilkins RV Rentals

Try before you buy

Are you new to RVing? Renting a RV is a cost-effective way to learn and experience different RV models before you buy. By renting a RV from Wilkins you will experience hands-on learning before making a big purchase.

Remember, finding the right RV is a personal decision based on your family needs, preferences, travel style, and budget. At Wilkins RV you can take your time to research and explore various different makes and models before making a final decision. So call today and let Wilkins RV help you find the right RV that best fits your needs. To find the location nearest you click here.

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