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RV Parts and Accessories for Sale in Upstate New York

Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm | Saturday: 9am-2pm | Sunday: Closed


7520 State Route 415
Bath, New York 14810

Phone: 800-724-2105

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8845 Brewerton Road
Brewerton, New York 13029

Phone: 315-288-4589

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111 South Main Street
Churchville, New York 14428

Phone: 855-713-3396

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1122 County Route 57
Fulton, New York 13069

Phone: 315-695-5020

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67 Sackett Creek Road
Nichols, NY 13812

Phone: 800-634-2357

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WILKINS RV OF waterloo

1625 RTE 318
Waterloo, New York 13165

Phone: 585-924-9161

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Our Wilkins RV Parts and Accessories Departments offer huge selection of items ranging from everyday RVing needs to that must have accessory. We have EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR RVING. Stop by any of our Wilkins RV locations.

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You can get all the RV parts and accessories you need to make your travel trailer, fifth wheel, motorhome, or toy hauler a home on wheels from Wilkins RV in Upstate New York. 

We stock an extensive selection of RV parts at any of our six locations across New York State, so you can easily find the parts you need close to home. From replacement parts to upgrades and customizations, Wilkins RV has everything you need to take your RV experience to the next level. Why wait? Begin your next adventure on the open road. An RV journey offers endless possibilities, so visit Wilkins RV and get outfitted with all the necessary parts to make your next trip memorable.

Our Selection of RV Parts and Accessories 

At Wilkins RV, we understand that no two RVs are the same, so we offer an extensive selection of parts and accessories to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for awnings, appliances, electrical components, exterior and interior accessories, or RV parts to enhance your vehicle's performance and safety, you'll find it all at Wilkins RV. Here's a quick breakdown of everything we offer:

Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Making your own meals on the road is a priceless luxury. To help you do just that, we have portable grills, electric hot plates, skillets, and inverter generators for power. To top off the list, you can also find an array of kitchen accessories such as egg carriers, cutlery trays, paper towel holders, organizers, fire extinguishers, cookware, dish drainers, wine glass sets, and much more.

Electrical Components

Need to power up your RV? We've got you covered. Our selection of electrical components includes solar panels, surge protectors, batteries and battery accessories, extension cords, conversion adapters, and more. Rest assured that all our electrical components are designed to meet the highest quality standards for maximum safety and reliability.

Exterior Accessories

Nothing beats customizing your RV's exterior to your heart's content. Our exterior accessories include awnings, camp chairs, outdoor lights, steps and ladders, roof rack systems, furniture covers, bug screens, and even outdoor kitchen components for those who love to barbecue on the go. 

Interior Accessories 

You'll need the right interior accessories to complete your RV experience. Choose from a wide array of items, including bedding, decorative window treatments, floor mats, storage bags and boxes, curtains, rugs, and even pet beds. With our interior accessories selection, you can rest assured that your RV will be cozy and inviting.


At Wilkins RV, we understand how important it's for you to enjoy your time on the road. That's why we have a range of top-quality and reliable RV parts and accessories to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible. You'll find what you need with us, from an inflatable corner couch to an RV adapter to power up your television. 

Security and Performance 

At Wilkins RV, we also have different security and performance parts to ensure your RV is in the best condition. From brakes, suspension kits, air filters, and hub caps to good old-fashioned RV supplies such as hoses, antifreeze, and lubricants — we've got you covered. Tire-pressure monitoring systems, cameras, detectors, alarms, and RV locks are just some of the parts we have in stock to guarantee your safety and security. 


No RV is complete without plumbing essentials. After all, no one wants to be stuck without a working shower or toilet. From sink drain kits to holding tanks and tank accessories, Wilkins RV stocks all the RV parts and accessories you need for proper bathroom maintenance. Moreover, our freshwater plumbing includes faucets, fittings, filter systems, and everything else you need to keep your RV's plumbing system in top condition during your travels.


Finally, you'll need to ensure your RV is firmly secured when you hit the road. We sell quality and durable towing parts such as load equalizers, straps, hitch locks, breakaway switches, fifth-wheel stabilizers, and more. We also stock tow bars, cables, brackets, brake controllers, and tire pressure monitors — not to mention all the necessary wiring and connectors — to make sure your RV travels safely. 

Tips for Finding the Right Parts for Your RV 

Not sure which RV parts are right for you? Here are a few tips to help you pick the ones that best suit your needs:

  • Read reviews of each part to see what other travelers say about it. 
  • Research the specifications and compatibility information to know exactly what will work with your RV model. 
  • Invest in quality parts to ensure maximum safety and reliability. 
  • Ask about any warranties that come with the parts to ensure long-term protection. 
  • Consider the extra features that certain parts may offer. 
  • Compare prices and shop around to make sure you get the best deal. 
  • Talk to our knowledgeable staff at Wilkins RV and ask for advice. 

At Wilkins RV, we understand that finding the right RV parts for your vehicle can be overwhelming. That's why our knowledgeable staff is here to help answer all your questions and advise you on what will work best for your vehicle. 

Shop at Wilkins RV for the Best Parts and Accessories 

When it comes to RV maintenance, finding the right parts and accessories can be crucial to ensuring that your vehicle stays in tip-top shape. Fortunately, Wilkins RV offers a wide range of high-quality products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of RV owners. With a commitment to exceptional customer service and avast selection of products from top brands, shopping at Wilkins RV is the perfect way to ensure your RV is ready for all your adventures. So what are you waiting for? Contact us or visit one of our convenient locations to get the parts and accessories you need to transform your RV into the perfect home away from home.